Product Spotlight

New Year's Eve confetti for your guests using cellophane bags and colorful seals

We’re crushing on…DIY confetti

We know we’re supposed to live in the moment and appreciate the “now” and all that. Yeah, so we failed. Because it’s not even Christmas

Toilet paper roll gift packaging

Saw it, tried it…crushed it!

Little gifts need little boxes. But what if you don’t have any little boxes? That’s where all those toilet paper rolls you’ve been saving come

Creative ideas for decorating and carving unique pumpkins for Halloween

We’re crushing on…creative pumpkins

Hey there, pumpkin. You’re tired of the same old smiley-faced jack-o’-lantern stuff, aren’t you? So are we. After a giant brainstorming session talking about knives

Rubber cement and watercolor DIY craft

Saw it, tried, it… crushed it!

Peek-a-boo watercolor art. We almost tripped over each other in a mad dash to the art supply cabinet when we saw this. (One of our

We're crushing on: bowquets

We’re crushing on: bowquets

Nope, we didn’t spell bouquet wrong. (Our resident word nerd would be all over us if we did, and it wouldn’t be pretty.) We’re talking

DIY paper flowers

Saw it, tried it… crushed it!

With all the coffee we drink around here, coffee filters + us = besties. (Proof: as we post, our manager Can’t. Stop. Talking. after drinking